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Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen

The Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen was established in 1990 and presents positions within contemporary and modern art. In addition to the Lütze Collection, it also houses the town’s municipal art collection. Since its founding, around 180 group and solo exhibitions have been held, with the works of more than 500 German and international artists displayed alongside artworks from the collection’s inventory.

The museum is located on the marketplace in Sindelfingen’s town center. Originally built as a town hall in 1845, in the 1980s the classicist building was redesigned as a museum by the architect Paul Kleihues. The existing building was supplemented by Kleihues with a new, octagonal extension. Over three floors in the old building and two in the Octagon , the gallery offers a combined exhibition space of 750m². The adjacent municipal library also houses a further exhibition space of the gallery, the Oberlichtsaal.

As a location for visual art and interdisciplinary formats, the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen offers a space for congress, critical engagement and dialogue. In compliance with the Initiative for the Support of Culture in Baden-Württemberg, it is the goal of the gallery to provide a multilayered platform for visual art in particular, and to strengthen awareness of art within the town and the wider region. In addition to exhibition activities that focus mainly on contemporary positions, the museum also pursues the tasks of collecting, preservation and research. The extensive program of events and educational activities for all age-groups also plays an important role in the life of the town and forms a key cornerstone of the region’s cultural offerings.

The basis of the collection’s inventory is the Lütze Collection, which was purchased by the Stadt Sindelfingen in 1986 from the private collector Diethelm Lütze. With over 1,200 works from the fields of painting, sculpture and graphic art, the collection gives a picture of southern German art of the late 19th and 20th centuries, with its varying styles and developments. Since its acquisition, the Lütze Collection has been steadily expanded with works from artists of national and international importance. Since 2017, selected works from the Lütze Collection are exhibited on a yearly basis in the KABINETT LÜTZE. In addition, the gallery has at its disposal the town’s municipal art collection, featuring over 3,000 works by artists from the region.

With the SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST, a space for up-and-coming artists, the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen offers a forum for experimental formats that make visible young and challenging positions.

Numerous exhibitions and projects are held in cooperation with and with the support of both regional and national institutions and partners. These include, among others, the Institut français Stuttgart, the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Kunst + Projekte Sindelfingen e.V., Kunsthalle Mannheim, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Arndt Gallery Berlin, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Helmut Fischer Stiftung and Mercedes-Benz Werk Sindelfingen.