I’ll be there in 30 Minutes, 2011/2024



I’ll be there in 30 Minutes is a performance piece by an anonymous artist for a now defunct webcam. Until summer 2013, the webcam streamed live footage from the outside of a souvenir shop in New York City, showing a card stand on the corner of 46th Street & Broadway near Times Square.
On January 20th, 2011, the card stand was knocked over by two pedestrians. A video of the performance was uploaded to Youtube under the name Earthcam Trolling: First Card Stand. Soon after the first performance posts about knocking down the same card stand started to appear on 4chan’s random board, /b/.
Because none of the people promising to knock down the card stand did, “30 Minutes” became a euphemism for infinity. 30 Minutes of hope turn into 30 hours of watching New Yorkers walk by. Many variations of I’ll be there in 30 Minutes appeared and it also became a wide-spread meme. The performance of knocking over the card stand was re-enacted twice, on February 16th and April 22nd, 2011.
The souvenir shop has since shut down: both the card stand and the webcam no longer exist.