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Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen

Photo: Benjamin Knoblauch

The Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen was founded in 1990 as a museum for modern and contemporary art. It is located in the city centre of Sindelfingen at the head of the market square and is housed in a classicist building that was converted into a museum by the Berlin architect Josef Paul Kleihues and supplemented by a new building, the Oktogon, at the end of the 1980s.

Through exhibitions and a comprehensive educational programme, the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen makes a differentiated contribution to the current discourses of contemporary art, depicting as well as reflecting its manifold forms of expression. The museum sees itself not only as a place for exhibitions but also initiates artistic productions, enabling the emergence of new works that are specifically created for the respective contexts and presented in monographic or thematic exhibitions.

With the Lütze Collection, the gallery also preserves and conducts research on important works of modern and contemporary art. Works from the collection are presented in changing exhibitions and set in relation to each other with regard to various themes. The works of modernism hereby form the foundation for the examination of current artistic positions.

Great importance is also attached to the constant and critical mediation of art, in order to make it accessible to a broad public and to arouse enthusiasm for it. Through various events, such as artist talks, guided tours, performances, screenings, workshops and lectures, the engagement with artistic forms of expression is made possible, forced and deepened, so that the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen is a lively place of exchange with and about art.

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