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An important concern of the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen is its provision of art education and mediation for all age-groups. A varied and diverse program of events enables the public to come into contact with and learn about modern and contemporary art. Free entry to the gallery forms a cornerstone of this approach – a special initiative of the Stadt Sindelfingen.

The gallery shapes the cultural life of the town with a wide-ranging program structured around its exhibitions. In addition to public tours, the formats “Kunst zur Marktzeit” on Saturdays and after-work-hours “Langer Donnerstag” offer the chance to engage in discussion on current questions about art, society and culture, alongside such interdisciplinary formats as artist-talks, lectures, readings and concerts. From Friday to Sunday, exhibition guides are also on hand to answer questions about the exhibition on show and offer short tours. A public tour takes place every Saturday at 3:00 p.m.

For children and teenagers, the gallery offers an age-appropriate program that takes place both in school term time and during holidays, offering children’s tours, workshops and projects. As such, the gallery sees itself not only as a place of learning for all age-groups: here, too, is space to experiment, try out, and together experience the new.

Held in cooperation with the Gesamtförderverein kits@kita e. V., the Kunst-Stoff project takes place on a yearly basis. Childcare facilities in Sindelfingen are supported in creating artistic projects within the town’s day care centers in collaboration with artists from the region. This museum-educational format takes a multilayered approach to art education, opening up access to new artistic formats to both children and their families, as well as those in their wider social sphere.


Private tours in english can be booked at i-Punkt 07031-94392 or Email:

Visitors can enjoy the exclusive and intimate experience of a private guided tour for the current exhibitions at Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen.

Led by experienced art professionals and educators, the tours provide an excellent introduction for first-time visitors as well as food for thought for returning visitors. Our educators sketch an overview of the exhibition, outline historical contexts, as well as highlight specific works for a closer look.

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