Private purposes

In the building, the collection and the exhibitions of Galerie Stadt SIndelfingen, photography or filming for private, non-commercial purposes is generally permitted without flash, artificial light, tripod, selfie stick or drone, unless otherwise indicated in the wall text or next to the respective work. In doing so, the safety of the artwork must be ensured and the personal rights of our visitors* must be guaranteed and taken into consideration.

This permission does not apply to the rights of third parties. We expressly point out that in particular the reproduction or dissemination of content protected by copyright or personal rights is subject to permission. Written permission is required for all purposes beyond the general permission, this also applies to subsequent changes of use. Particularly in the case of photos and moving images of contemporary works of art, please note: Works by living artists and those who have been dead for less than 70 years enjoy copyright protection. Reproduction rights must also be protected. Accordingly, any use of recordings of their works of art requires prior clarification with the rights holders. Further information can be obtained from VG Bild-Kunst.

Photography and filming for industrial, commercial or scientific purposes as well as in the context of current reporting (press/bloggers) is only permitted with the written consent of Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen.

Editorial purposes

Photographing and filming for editorial purposes, such as reporting on a current exhibition or on Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen in general, must be announced and approved in advance.

Scientific purposes

When using photographs for scientific purposes, it must also be checked whether copyright and reproduction rights of the artists exist. This should be decided on a case-by-case basis and always requires consultation with us if printed publications are to be made.