Unexpected Moments



Cooperation between the Mercedes-Benz factory Sindelfingen and the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen:
With the exhibition “Daimler Design – Unexpected Moments,” the Daimler world of design finds its way into the gallery. While the Mercedes-Benz factory Sindelfingen celebrates the 100-year anniversary of its presence at that location, the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen looks back on the 25 years of its own existence. During the 100 days of the exhibition period, fascinating glimpses into the past, present and future visions of the designers await the visitor. The exhibition’s programme offers much variety: Designers report on their work, with a futurologist and an olfactory expert each also offering insights of their own. An additional programme presents evening film screenings for adults and workshops for children and teenagers. In the framework of the cooperation WerkStadt, the fourteenth exhibition promises many exciting “Unexpected Moments.”

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