As professor of sculpture in her specialist class at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Susanne Windelen’s work with her students utilizes all artistic possibilities in addressing themes of sculpture and installation, extending to such fields as kinetics, props and games, construction and materiality . The aspiring young artists and graduates of Windelen’s class operate within a broad spectrum of possibilities of the plastic and sculptural, ranging from the use of plaster (for example, in the laborious application of Stucco lustro) to expansive installations made of the most varying materials or kinetic displays. Optical and haptic elements are brought into connection with movement and sound. The exhibition presents the diversity of contemporary sculptural production, its old borders long-since outdated. Artists: Ina Bauer, Fabian Baur, Lena Bopp, Maria Bisch, Elisabeth Brose, Sophia Finke, Hanna Jehle, Daniel Juran, Judith Kaiser, Jens Kleindienst, Manuel Knapp, Aram Lee, Jan Löchte, Gesche Loosen, Cornelia Plaas, Rebecca Radke, Simone Rueß, Michaela Ruhrmann, Katja Sauler, Julia Smolka, Jule Sonnentag, Annabella Spielmannleitner, Friederike Stanger, Pia Stoll, Caroline Weng, Sandra Wilkens, Susanne Windelen, Mona Zeiler, Elisabeth Zierke.
In cooperation with the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart and the Mercedes-Benz factory Sindelfingen (WerkStadt).


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