New Photographs


Beyond their activities in directing and acting, the director and photographer Franziska Stünkel and the actor Kai Wiesinger are connected by a shared and deep passion for photographic art, which has long become a second profession for the two. Franziska Stünkel’s photographic works were created in various cities in China, the USA, Europe and Africa. The visual point of departure here are the reflections to be found in shop display windows, an expression of her fascination for the diversity and simultaneity that exist within the world.
Kai Wiesinger uses the camera like a painter – “If I could, I would paint” – in order to show things that are present, but which our sluggish eyes and selective sight fail to perceive. At the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, Franziska Stünkel and Kai Wiesinger will present the results of their newest photographic art projects.


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