Konkretes aus der Sammlung


Anton Georg Stankowski, ohneTitel, 1983, Foto: Tarek Musleh

The exhibition “Konkretes aus der Sammlung” presents artworks by Günter Fruhtrunk, Sabine Laidig, Thomas Lenk, Arnulf Letto, Anton Stankowski, Hermann Waibel, Ludwig Wilding and Gerhard Wittner.

The exhibited works are mostly monochrome and geometrically abstract. Painterly means are reduced, allowing the emergence of horizontal and vertical lines alongside vector-like diagonal stripes. If one changes their viewing position and observes the work from various angles, their surfaces change under the light. Through the viewer’s interaction with the artwork, moving through space, a range of optical experiences is produced that extends to irritating visual effects. The artworks invite an engagement that turns seeing into an active process.

The KABINETT LÜTZE presents regular exhibitions of artworks from the Lütze Collection. The presentation of selected positions extends the museum’s ongoing exhibition programme and ensures long-term visibility for the Lütze Collection.

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