What I like!


Drei schematische rote Herzen übereinander, das oberste etwas flach gedrückt, das mittlere mit Flammen, das unterste mit angedeuteten Lichtreflexen.

Key Visual What I like, Desing Matter Of.

The exhibition What I like! is about personal taste. Various actors such as the gallery’s curatorial team, other gallery staff, colleagues from the city administration of Sindelfingen and artists were invited to choose a work of art they like from the collection. The selected artworks will thus be shown in a democratically curated exhibition. The process is made transparent through short statements by each selector. Furthermore, the curator Madeleine Frey has invited other contemporary artists who deal with democratisation and opening tendencies in art in their work. These complement the collection with their own works. The result is eclectic and yet different tendencies can be discerned: in people’s taste, in what people associate with art and what emotions art evokes. So, in addition to the artwork, a very personal view is presented. In this way, the exhibition opens up a low-threshold perspective that is equally valid and comprehensible for everyone. What I like! is a discursive contribution to the democratisation and opening of the museum.


The works represent a subjective cross-section of the Lütze Collection from the early 20th century to the present. It is a deeply participatory project that opens up fundamental questions about subjectivity in art and allows for different levels of interpretation. Every personal narrative finds a place in the exhibition.


Participating artists:

Benjamin Appel, Axel Arndt, atelier JAK, Enrico Bach, Reto Boller, Gianni Caravaggio, Walter Dambacher, Katharina Dörr, Karl Duscheck, Stefan Emmelmann, Jo Enzweiler, Fritz Erler, Gaisma, Fritz Genkinger, Karl Heger, Veith Heller, Ruth Henschel, Alfred Hrdlicka, Anna Ingerfurth, Sophie Innmann, Jov T. Keisar, Ida Kerkovius, Ulrich Kittel, Annalies Klophaus, Horst Kuhnert, Joachim Kupke, Thomas Lempertz, Arnulf Letto, Alfred Lörcher, Antonia Low, Martin Mayer, Rune Mields, Ana Navas, Carolina Perez Pallares, Martin Pfeifle, Heinz L. Pistol, Leo Putz, Barbis Ruder, Martin Schmid, Martin-Bruno Schmid, Leonhard Schmidt, Karl Schmoll von Eisenwerth, Gustav Schönleber, Franz Sequenc, K.-R. H Sonderborg, Paul Stein, Jochen Stenschke, Hermann Teuber, Hans Thoma, Peter Vogel, Franz von Stuck, Johannes Wald, Woty Werner, Susanne Windelen, Damaris Wurster, Peter Zimmermann, Thomas Zitzwitz


Curated by Madeleine Frey

Co-Curators: Paul Ambros und Sebastian Schmitt

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