Ilse Beate Jäkel - In the Concert Hall

In the Concert Hall – KABINETT Jäkel


Ilse Beate Jäkel, Portrait Monique de la Bruchollerie

Ilse Beate Jäkel, Portrait Monique de la Bruchollerie

The Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen dedicates an entire year to the oeuvre of the artist Ilse Beate Jäkel (*1907 in Zwickau, 1982 in Stuttgart). On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her death, the LÜTZE CABINET in the Jäkel Cabinet will be transformed.

The second exhibition focusing on Ilse Beate Jäkel presents her drawings of musicians. A great music aficionado herself, these drawings reflect her love of music.

Jäkel came from a family of music enthusiasts. Making music was already part of her childhood and was something she continued to do up to the end of her life. She and her siblings played a variety of instruments. As a young adult she took singing lessons with Rudolf Gmeiner, a friend of the Jäkels. When Gmeiner went to Stuttgart as a bass-baritone, Jäkel also settled in the city. She had excellent connections to the Stuttgart music scene and from 1928 onwards began making drawings whenever she visited concerts. It was at this time that she started working on a Beethoven cycle and drawing the conductors Rudolf Serkin, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Fritz Busch or the French pianist Monique de la Bruchollerie.

Her drawings of Furtwängler, a star in his day, were published in various media after his death and drew a great deal of attention, sadly without mentioning the artist’s name. Jäkel never did her sketches as commissions but would rather draw during the concert. Only then did she show her work to the people in the portraits. The quality of these sketches stems from Ilse Beate Jäkel’s meticulous skill. By means of details, the obsessive drawing artist succeeds in bringing out the magic of the concert experience. The drawing medium is an ideal companion to the themes of music and concert. The fleeting movement blends with the rhythm of the drawing and captures the rhythm of the moment.

Curated by Madeleine Frey and Sebastian Schmitt


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