CROSSING LIMBO, 2019, Photo: Marie Lienhard

In her works Marie Lienhard combines aesthetic experience with the laws of physics, thus creating poetic moments that pan out new perspectives and questions. The installation CROSSING LIMBO is another instalment in her LIMBO series that she always develops in situ and that featured most recently at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM). The work is made up of pairs of silver magnets held apart by carbon fibre threads anchored in the wall. The threads run across the room and are spanned in such a way as to prevent the magnets from touching, their mutual attraction keeping them in a state of limbo. This is combined with an iron meteorite pendulum swinging at right angles to the magnets. The magnets and pendulum are arranged so that the sphere travels along its path above the magnets, causing them to vibrate arrhythmically as a result of the attraction and the precarious balance. The pendulum is activated by an external button installed on the outside of the window. The viewers see each other through the windows and the swinging pendulum also symbolises their joint reception of the artwork. In this way the artist appropriates the display window situation, creating a dialogue between museum and public space.

Curator: Sebastian Schmitt


Marie Lienhard (*1978 in France, lives and works in Stuttgart). Marie Lienhard studied Fine Arts at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design under Werner Porkorny, Mariella Mosler, Felix Ensslin, Sascha Weidner and Nicole Wermers. Her works have been on show at numerous solo and group exhibitions including at Public Pool in Paris and Marseilles, Kunstverein Neuhausen, the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg, Kunsthaus L6 in Freiburg, Kunstverein Freiburg, Projektraum LOTTE in Stuttgart, Galerienhaus Stuttgart, ZKM in Karlsruhe, and at the international performance festival Kinact in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lienhard has been involved in lectures and artist discussions with Götz W. Werner, Felix Ensslin, among others, and was part of the international lecture series TEDx. Marie Lienhard has received numerous prizes and grants.

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