Kate Cooper, Symptom Machine, Filmstill, 2017

Florian Model, Hybrid Classifications, Video-Installation, 2018

Ivar Veermäe btc

The exhibition #Material4.0 sets itself the task of performing a reality check on the virtual and real worlds’ current interdependency, as seen from an artistic viewpoint. Taking as its starting point the omnipresent theme of digitalization and its related concept of Industry 4.0, the exhibition aims to explore the ways in which computer-dependent automation and digitalization are reflected within an artistic context. As such, the presentation in Sindelfingen focuses on the artists’ matter of material.

Starting from the widely discussed term Internet of things, the exhibition shows positions that deal with the artistic material in an increasingly digitized world. Young artists from the generation of digital natives are shown alongside historical positions. For the exhibition, works of art are created that deal directly with the consequences of digitization and carry out a reality check between the digital and the real world.

In addition, as part of the production art festival Drehmoment of Kulturregion Stuttgart, the project More Human Than Human by the artist Christian von Borries will be presented.

Curated by Madeleine Frey and Adam Slowik.

Christian von Borries (*1961 in Stuttgart, Germany / lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Kate Cooper (*1984 in Liverpool, UK / lives and works in London, UK and Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Kanta Kimura (*1982 in Koblenz, Germany / lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Mathilde Lavenne (*1982 in France / lives and works between Madrid, Spain and Lille, France)

Jung Lee (*1972 in Korea / lives and works in Seoul, Korea)

Florian Model (*1991 in Überlingen, Germany / lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany)

Manfred Mohr (*1938 in Pforzheim, Germany / lives and works in New York, USA)

Marco Schmitt (*1976 in Mosbach, Germany / lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Lidia Sigle (*1985 in Priosersk, Kazakhstan / lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Adam Słowik (*1980 in Skierniewice, Poland / lives and works in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany)

Ivar Veermäe (*1982 in Tallinn, Estonia / lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Ryszard Winiarski (*1936 in Lwiw, Ukraine /† 2006 in Warsaw, Poland)

Exhibition opening on Friday, 5th of October 2018, 7 p.m.

The exhibition is supported by:


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