Damaris Wurster, Z_S#KodakGold, Detail, 2021

With her exhibition KodakGold, Damaris Wurster (*1984, lives and works in Stuttgart) explores the boundaries of photography. Central to her work is the question of whether the medium of photography has to be used to depict something or whether it can also be understood as a painterly process. The source material for her work comes from analogue photography. Wurster does not use it to depict the material world, however, but to create poetic, abstract forms. For example, she decomposes a strip of 35mm film in a controlled, yet random chemical process. The pictorial result depicts only the process of its creation and thus refuses the classical task of photography to reproduce the world.

Damaris Wurster is a visual artist, freelance editor and writer. She studied at the Merz Academy and at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In her works, she explores the abstraction of photography and digital compositions. Her works have already been shown at the Kunstverein Neuhausen, the Kunstverein Wagenhalle and the Kunstverein Ulm. She held a studio at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and is co-founder and editor of LOWLAND Magazine, which promotes networking and collaboration between artists from different disciplines.

Curated by Paul Ambros

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