Opening on Friday, 8th of October 2021, 7 pm
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In Spherical Animals, Eunyoung Bae (who lives and works in Stuttgart) explores the motif of searching, a constant theme in her work. In Encore, Bae had already set out in search of an unknown person playing music every day within earshot of her apartment during the first lockdown in 2020. When the music stopped, she began putting up signs in the neighbourhood in order to identify the person. In addition to the signs, she also invited people to give concerts on a stage which she set up especially for this purpose in her front garden in order to further develop the sensory, social element of this subject.

In her exhibition in Sindelfingen, she is now placing the emphasis on the inner search for calm and meditation. In Spherical Animals, Bae uses the basic shape of the sphere to embody this search. To depict the process of the inner struggle with one’s own thoughts, in her video she shapes various round forms with her hands, accompanying these actions with a mantra-like sound. The other elements of the installation also explore the shape of the sphere, materialising the yearning for perfection and balance in different solid and soft materials.


Born in South Korea, Eunyoung Bae studied sculpture under Susanne Windelen at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design from 2014 to 2020. Since October 2021, she has been a master-class student in the Weißenhof programme at ABK Stuttgart. Bae has exhibited her works at the Kunstzentrum Karlskaserne in Ludwigsburg, at the OSTRALE-Center for Contemporary Art in Dresden, at the AKKU Projektraum in Stuttgart, at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, and at the Kunstverein Ettlingen Wilhelmshöhe.

Curated by Sebastian Schmitt

The exhibitions in the SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST are supported by the Helmut-Fischer Foundation:

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