Early Photos, Late Images. Sculpture


Joachim Kupke, D’apres Marcel D., 2000 Metall, Goldbronze, Filzstift. © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019, Photo: Michael Frick

For the duration of the Sindelfinger Biennale, the KABINETT LÜTZE will become the KABINETT KUPKE: the Sindelfinger painter Joachim Kupke (*1947 in Sindelfingen, lives and works in Sindelfingen) presents a series of photographs taken during a stay in Columbus/Ohio in the United States in 1971. In a manner that is both documentary and artistic, the portrait photos and day-to-day scenes illustrate everyday life in the city, with the show also featuring recent paintings in a dialogue with five sculptures from the Lütze Collection. Kupke forges links between various art historical contexts, harking back in his painting to humanistic, historical values. There is always a tongue-in-cheek element to his view of art and above all art history with its dogmas and isms.

In addition to the photos, paintings and a sculpture, the show also features sculptures by Ingrid Dahn, Erich Henschel, Horst Kuhnert, Roland Martin and Ursula Sax.


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