Pascal Marcel Dreier



The starting point of De Profundis is a coincidental moment in which the animal industry and the culture industry touch each other in a cruel way. While pigs are being killed, a song can be heard that perhaps once described the self-empowerment of a human being. In the radio of the factory, however, the message of the song becomes obscured: it becomes the manic soundtrack of agrilogistics as a seemingly unstoppable machinery, whose echo, trapped in the exhibition space, continues to destructure itself. Using digital media, Pascal Marcel Dreier calls together an activist, an NGO, a major record company and a well-known musician to form an unusual crew. In the video installation, they are swept up in an enthralling maelstrom of facts and fictions, appropriations and counter-appropriations, in which their roles are constantly reconfigured.

Pascal Marcel Dreier (*1995) explores and tells more-than-human stories. To do so, he combines aspects of aesthetic research with activist, forensic, and ethnographic methods and uses a variety of media, such as 3D laser measurement data, artificial intelligence, bones, game engines, and experimental film and sound.


Curated by Leoni Fischer (Symbiotic Lab)


The exhibitions in the SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST are supported by the Helmut-Fischer Foundation.

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