Hell Gette

Hell Gette's exhibition Ol' Neptune's Only Daugther at the SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST is a computer game in oil on canvas based on Homer's Odyssey.

Hell Gette2024-03-12T14:58:40+01:00

Pascal Marcel Dreier

Marcel Pascal Dreier's experimental video work De Profundis explores an interface of the animal and cultural industries. An activist, an NGO, a record company and a musician get caught in a rousing maelstrom of fact and fiction, appropriation and counter-appropriation.

Pascal Marcel Dreier2023-09-26T13:52:00+02:00

Lisa Moll

Lisa Moll (*1990 in Ravensburg, lives and works in Stuttgart) works in the field of tension between music and visual art. In addition to paintings, she creates drawings, installations and performances. Starting from the observation of contemporary phenomena, she deals with archaic visual languages, repetition and movement.

Lisa Moll2022-08-10T13:06:00+02:00


With their installation Warnung vor dem Hund, the artist duo Super Vivaz (Lina Baltruweit and Johannes Breuninger) invites viewers to reflect on their own role in the social system.

SUPER VIVAZ2022-06-02T16:16:15+02:00


In her work Spherical Animals, Eunyoung Bae (lives and works in Stuttgart) explores the motif of searching, a constant in her work.

EUNYOUNG BAE2021-09-15T16:06:36+02:00


In her exhibition KodakGold, Damaris Wurster shows the photograph Z_S#KodakGold from her series of decompositions. With her poetic, abstract images, she explores the boundaries of photography.

DAMARIS WURSTER2021-07-19T14:12:59+02:00


With Motion is Solution, Thomas Lempertz refers to the ambivalence of ballet dance. On the one hand, it is an intense, sometimes painful physical exercise, and on the other hand, it appears playful, light and perfect in form in its performance practice.

THOMAS LEMPERTZ2021-06-04T10:41:12+02:00


The installation PAYBACK by Jana Maria Dohmann negotiates the way we handle everyday objects and the values that people associate with them. To discuss this, she draws on the popular Japanese belief in tsukumogami as a figure of thought.

JANA MARIA DOHMANN2020-09-23T09:01:32+02:00

Kai Fischer

Kai Fischer shows works form his series "recibos" and "paraphrases". For these he translates well-known still lifes into painted receipts.

Kai Fischer2023-11-06T11:25:59+01:00

Haus Otto

The two artists and designers from Haus Otto (Patrick Henry Nagel and Nils Körner) invite you to stay and spend time in their exhibition Waiting Room: using simple means, they convert the SCHAUFENSTER JUNGE KUNST into the eponymous waiting room.

Haus Otto2023-05-23T13:39:48+02:00
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